Collection: Exhibition 2022

Mary Heaton Vorse House Exhibition of 2022 came quickly. 

 The summer of 2022 was a reconciliation of heart. These paintings encapsulated my efforts to  presence the constant change and own it. The snow paintings were the beginning of this series. Provincetown was dark, empty, and stunningly beautiful. I had never really understood how C.S. Lewis had become so beguiled by a snowy landscape in his nursery. The scenes were familiar but the feelings were heavier. The snow emphasized the true underlying Provincetown. There were no people. There were no parties. She was the stunningly beautiful beach town still presenting her magic to me. I endeavored to honor that.

  I focused a lot on clouds this collection, her clouds. I explored how she made me feel the movement in the light , the color, the tides. This revery deepened my own appreciation of the constant flux of my focus and the spaciousness in my heart. 


Exhibition 2022