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Creating More Space

30x40 oil on canvas 

  The dark , dense , and heavy storm clouds command the viewer's gaze to her. The violet in the center right feels imposing. The clouds coming towards us in the composition are more open and allow the light to come through. The orange light on the horizon from the clear day is still bathing the serene harbor in her light unaware of the menacing weather. The harbor water is flat ,calm, and  tranquil. The clouds on the left are light. The ferry lights are no longer in the peaceful moment depicted on the left part of the composition. They are moving and slightly agitated. Their color has become dense. 

  I have different feelings in every part of this weather. Taking in the whole scene, it feels stunningly dramatic and beautiful. When I come into the scene, I feel anxious being with the foreboding agitation of the ferry lights. What is going to happen? Should I go in for shelter?  The right hand of the canvas is a clear day with calm waters. The day is endless. The clouds above are puffy, transulcent ,and less menacing. The day is changing. The dark clouds quickly absorb all of me as I look to them. All is present in this moment and I am watching. 

   The scene reminds me that I have room for all this as I watch the storm outside of me in all its magnificence move through.

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