Sunday Dinner



   A group in Ptown started a tradition of Sunday Dinners last summer on a freezing night in the artist Robert Miller”s home. We decided to meet weekly and share stories, touch base, and enjoy a long raucous meal. This summer we hired some of the culinary artists who were not cooking at restaurants because of the pandemic. Liam, Raina, and Matt spoiled us rotten. 

  This is a portrait of the night after one such dinner. Liam brought wild flowers from his garden to decorate. I saw the sunflower and the generous light flooding in from the garden. 

  Flowers create an environment to thrive. Art, great food, conversation are all ways we design our settings to smile. The Greeks knew the feast was as important as the battle. We make those choices. We stop appreciate and breathe it all in. I felt such gratitude painting this. 

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