Collection: Exhibition 2021

2021 was a wish the pandemic was over and have to acknowledge we are not quite there. I had firmly established a relationship with my joy. I trusted the beautiful combination of soaking in the beauty with my eyes and feeling my heart quicken. 

  This collection began with a lot of interiors of the Mary Heaton Vorse House that Ken Fulk, Nate Mckean, and his team created. The creators of these spaces had relished the layers of paint, the adaptions that prior residence had made without the resource of cash, and the emphasis on repurposing. 

 I came in and watched the blue light bask these spaces in their magic. I painted five of the interior here, two of John Dowd's, and another three of my own house. 

   The rest of this collection were portraits of moments I shared with friends looking at the moon or experiencing the Kalmar Cottages empty in the early spring. 

  Connection to self and beloved friends was what we all needed in 2021 and I painted my version of what that was for me.

Exhibition 2021