Collection: Exhibition 2020

 The 2020 was the summer of the Covid pandemic. My family and I hunkered down in Provincetown. My portrait clients hunkered down. We were watching Tiger King and waiting. We all anxiously waited and then waited some more.

  I began to take long walks through Provincetown. I remember standing on the Jetty feeling very Wuthering Heights. The wind was whipping my hair around. The spray of the crashing waves settled on my face. I was so aware of my physical attachment to the drama. My eyes scanned the patterns of light. I experienced exquisite joy.

  I went home, set up my palette, and painted from that day forward. As the end of the summer of 2020 approached, I had many canvases. 

  I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a girl in Ohio exhibiting her work on chairs. I asked Ken Fulk , who had just completed a venue to bring artists together in Provincetown if I could host a chair art exhibition. He agreed enthusiastically and the annual Mary Heaton Vorse Show was created.   

Exhibition 2020