Anastasia Egeli is a third-generation member of the most pre-eminent portrait painting family in America. Her grandfather, Bjorn Egeli, who emigrated from Norway, painted two presidents, Eisenhower and Nixon, as well as several Supreme Court justices and other prominent historical figures such as Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur. All of Bjorn’s five children became well-known artists.  Anastasia’s father, Cedric, is considered one of the top five living American portrait painters. 

Anastasia began her professional career at age seven. She took classes her parents organized at their farm in Maryland and in Provincetown, the home of the Cape Code School of Art. The school was founded by Charles Hawthorne, an early pioneer in American Impressionism. Studying with Henry Hensche, one of Hawthorne’s students, Anastasia developed  a realist painting method informed by a colorist sensibility. 

After graduating from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Anastasia studied with Nelson Shanks (also a Hensche student). She developed her style, one steeped in the New England School of Painting, that infuses portraits with luminous color and lively brushwork. 

Currently, Anastasia lives and works in New York City. She offers portrait workshops at the Egeli studio in Maryland and teaches color theory during the summer at the Cape School in Provincetown, MA.